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Monster Fest with Free Travel Case | Free Shipping

Monster Fest with Free Travel Case | Free Shipping

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The Rock, Paper, Scissors Trick-Taking Card Game

Throw the biggest bash on the block in this fast-playing card game. Attract monsters to your party to score pointsBlock your opponents to keep them from scoring. Turns are simultaneous, so games are fast and keep everyone engaged for a ton of fun!

🤩 Teaches Predictive Decision-Making And Probability!

🤔 Teaches Tactical Empathy (what kind of move would my opponent make)?

📵 No Time For Phones! Promotes Player-To-Player Interaction!

🎨 Excellent Art For The Young And Young At Heart!

💪 Kid-Proof & Travel-Proof Hardshell Case + Game Bundle Available!

ℹ️ 2 - 4 Players | Ages 8+ | Included in Box: 74 Cards + Rules

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